Updated on September 24, 2023 at 2:50:39 pm CEST.

Stash: 12ZhwG3obkAYwwuHSzB5Cy5BPmWxqoK2XsPCuqHZgB9XwRFU

Rank: 29
Commission: 5.0 %
Nb of faults: 0

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Your total score at 1kv is the sum of several individual scores, multiplied by a small random factor.

SpanInclusionActive for last 28 eras66.7/220
InclusionActive for last 84 eras57.1/220
OpenGov democracyConsistency in voting at referenda45.2/100
OpenGov delegationsAmount of delegations for voting0.0/100
NominatorsAmount of nominations (except by 1kv)0.0/100
ProviderProvider shared by other validators50.0/100
Gov 1 delegations 💤Amount of delegations for voting30.3/60
BondedAmount of self bond23.5/50
LocationLocation shared by other validators40.0/40
NominatedLast time nominated by 1kv14.7/30
Gov 1 democracy 💤Consistency in voting at referenda5.6/30
Council 💤Bond for council elections0.0/10
RegionRegion shared by other validators10.0/10
CountryCountry shared by other validators3.1/10
RankRank in 1kv0.2/5
DiscoveredJoin date in 1kv0.0/5
FaultsNumber of on chain faults5.0/5
OfflineOffline during this week2.0/2
AggregateSum of all scores353.6/1097
RandomnessRandom positive multiplicative factor1.00/1.15
ScoreFinal score in 1kv355.0/1262

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Score last calculated by backend on September 24, 2023 at 11:55:22 AM UTC.

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OpenGov democracy


Gov 1 delegations


Gov 1 Democracy


Span inclusion

OpenGov delegations






The 1kv angel

For some scores, it is possible to recompute the exact value based on the latest (and most up to date) information. This is listed as theoretical score in the table below. Small differences with the reported score are normal since the 1kv backend computes the scores with slightly older information. Big differences, however, indicate a bug.

TypeValuereported 1kv scoretheoretical score
LocationPescara (occurs 1 times)40.040.0

Age of scores calculated by 1kv backend at the time of the latest data retrieval: 8 seconds.